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Christ the King

Christ the King

Sunday, 22 November 2020

Welome to our children page, we hope you find it useful and would love to see your creatations. 

Our service this week is Christ the King and is the last Sunday before Advent begins.  On this day, we celebrate Christ the King as creator and leader of everything in heaven and on earth.

The reading today is Matthew Ch 25 v31-46

If we were able to gather together we would be playing a game of Who's Who - can you work out someone's job by the clothes they wear.  You can give this a go.... 

Today we are are thinking and reading about a very special king, one who doesn’t rule on earth but over everything.

What do you think it means to be a king?

  • All powerful
  • Decides what your job is
  • Orders you around
  • Tells you who your friends can be
  • Make you fight in his army
  • Can have you put in prison if he dislikes you or you upset him

Do you think these sound like Jesus? What we know and have learnt through the Bible is very different from the kings we are used to on earth. Jesus is peaceful, he came not to be served but to serve. Therefore we should treat Him in an appropriate manner:

  • full respect
  • full trust
  • total faith
  • complete honesty of self
  • willingness to stand up for His way
  • willingness to volunteer in His service
  • helping others,
  • teaching others about Jesus
  • openly worship and praise Him

Can you make your own crown?

(10-20 minutes)
You will need:

  • Paper (Coloured or white)
  • String or Glue (depending on the size of your crown)
  • Coloured pencils/Felt pens
  • Things to decorate the crowns (craft feathers, stickers, stars etc).
  • Crown Template


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